Senior Sessions

Sitting Fee: $125

Here’s what you get:

  • 1 hour 30 min. of actual photography time in the outdoor location(s) … You choose urban or country. You may choose a location of your choice within 15 miles of the studio, outside 15 miles subject to time & traveling fee.
  • ENLARGEMENT orders are a minimum of $165
  • We recommend up to 2 outfits that compliment your personal style.
  • Phone or online consult to prepare for your session. We like to talk to get to know the personality of our clients. We also want to be sure you look you’re best and have all of your questions answered.
  • We retouch minor skin imperfections. Our editing style is clean and simple without overdoing it.
  • We know you’re busy, and you won’t have to worry about scheduling a ton of in person meetings to see the photos. We have online proofing galleries that are password protected and easy to access.
  • Sessions are shot two hours before the sun sets or early mornings, and we prefer Monday through Friday dates. Weekends are sometimes available on a limited basis depending on the time of year, but we also shoot weddings so we will only book a weekend date four weeks in advance. We require a session fee of $125 to be paid the day of the shoot. We do not release any yearbook photos without prior payment. We accept all major credit cards, cash, or check. It’s pretty simple, but if you have any questions just ask!

Package I: $325 +tx

Here’s what you get:

  • 1 – Yearbook Wallet
  • 1 – 8×10
  • 4 – 5×7
  • 32 – wallets (1 pose)
  • Foil Printing included
  • 3 digital files

Package II: $450 +tx

Here’s what you get:

  • 1 – Yearbook Wallet
  • 1 – 11×14
  • 2 – 8×10
  • 4 – 5×7
  • 64 – wallets (2 poses, 32 each)
  • Foil Printing included
  • 4 digital files

Package III: $550 +tx

Here’s what you get:

  • 1 – Yearbook Wallet
  • 1 – 11×14
  • 3 – 8×10
  • 6 – 5×7
  • 96 – wallets (3 poses, 32 each)
  • Foil Printing included
  • 6 digital files of your choice emailed with print rights
  • ADD digital file download of ALL images with print rights $150 additional

Package IV: $350 +tx

Here’s what you get:

  • Download of ALL digital images (with print rights)
  • Download is exactly what appears in your online gallery.
  • NO additions, NO changes…. just a “few” images are not for purchase as stated above

 Foil printing font options:

**Additional print pricing available upon request**

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